August 8th, 2020

Words & Artwork by Benedicte O'Leary Rutherford

Right before the second lockdown hit in Australia, I moved cities. I’d lived in Canberra most of my life as a small child, and then after hopping through many of Australia’s capital cities while growing up, I settled back there as an adult. My strongest memories of Canberra have always been of wattle. I used to live next to a mountain and I’d climb it every day, waiting for spring, for when the world would turn yellow from wattle bloom and the air would go thick and heady with pollen. Moving to Melbourne earlier this year, I wasn’t scared about making new friends or finding a home. I was scared to leave the wattle behind. But I find it here, growing not on mountains but down suburban streets, in old lots, and in the front yard of a house across the road. It feels like home. 


Benedicte O’Leary Rutherford is a writer and artist from Australia. When she was young she told her family she was going to put images and words together like no one else had. Then she realised comics already exist, so now she makes them. You can find her work on Instagram @splitpeacomics.