12th September, 2020

by Delaney McCallum

With every step I can feel my feet growing roots into the ground


I am usually the type of person who walks with a purpose. My mom taught me that that’s how you get people to respect you, and also how you get your heart rate up. These are all good things. But now, I walk to and from the grocery store and around the park and across the sidewalk from older couples with absolutely no destination in mind. I count the cracks between sidewalk panels just to give my walks a purpose, but there’s thousands, and that makes me feel crazy. It’s frustrating for me to walk without a destination in mind, to continue these walks without an end to this in sight. Most of the time I just want to curl in bed but then I remember my mom telling me to get my heart rate up. When this is all done, I will take a 10 minute walk to class, and feel like I accomplished a trip to the moon.



Today there were several little new ducklings in the park I go to two blocks down! I sat and watched them for several minutes, and sent some photos to my grandma. It made me feel a little more connected to her. 


I turned twenty one so I went on a long, long walk. I house hunted throughout the nice streets several blocks down from my apartment and fantasized about owning one of them twenty one years from now. My dream house has turrets and a lot of circular windows and day beds. It would likely be brown or gray, like an English countryside cottage, but I’m open to a color as well.



The baby ducklings were learning how to dive today in the park. There were little koi fish in there with them too, so I watched them twirl around for a while. A few couples passed around me. A few runners came my way too, but I held my breath as they huffed and wheezed past me. Am I bad for not running? Running is terrible. 


I’ve been doing some yoga with friends for the heart rate, but I still prefer walking by myself. Something about walking alone makes me feel so incredibly solid, like with every step I can feel my feet growing roots into the ground that get ripped up again and again. If I stood long enough in one spot, I would become a tree. 

Delaney McCallum is an animator, filmmaker, and game designer currently studying at Northwestern University. She believes that the more specific and personal an artwork, the more universal it becomes. She is constantly aiming to stretch herself and convey narratives in new, creative ways.