July 4th, 2020

by Ginny Darke

I’ve found it hard to maintain inspiration and the desire to create during quarantine. Without the ability to physically experience art in museums or studios, I’ve only found scraps of inspiration here and there. These collages have helped me express my experiences in an increasingly fragmented world, through the unpredictable nature of poetry and collage.

A lot of my poetry is ekphrastic, meaning they are explicit studies attempting to verbalise art. Ekphrastic poetry tends to focus on art in the traditional sense, like elegant paintings or ancient artefacts and, to some extent, my poetry conforms to this. But these collages of my poetry also attempt to reverse this.


During quarantine, I’ve found myself reflecting on my usual process, and my relatively linear approach to creating these collages, which is firstly to view art, secondly to give a voice to the art through poetry, and finally to produce art using the words I have written. I love the cyclical nature of this process, clipping away at pieces of art and transforming them into something new. 


Ginny Darke is a 19-year-old poet and student of English Literature based in Bristol and Cardiff. Her writing has been shortlisted for both the Foyle Young Poets Award (2018) and Creative Futures (2019). You can follow her on Instagram  @ginny.darke