November 12th, 2020

by Mary Cosentini

I can’t deny that the thought of the seasons changing has been freaking me out a bit. I’ve been struggling to enjoy fall knowing that winter is approaching, but I’ve found comfort in little things, like morning walks to get coffee before work, the satisfaction of finishing a collage I’ve been stuck on for a bit, and making playlists. I associate the first five songs of this playlist with summer and then the last five with fall and winter. All of these songs remind me not to get too ahead of myself and to take all of the change that is about to come one week at a time. Most importantly, they help me to appreciate the small moments, like drinking coffee and making collages, and remind me of the comfort that those things bring me. 


Mary Cosentini is a software engineer living in Philadelphia. In her spare time, she likes making collages and watching Degrassi. You can find more of her work on Instagram @mrymrymryc