17th December, 2020

by Shruti Mittal

This month marks the onset of winter's here in India. It also marks the tenth month of this still and strange life we're all living. In an attempt to motivate myself to engage with myself and my surrounding I started putting together songs a few weeks ago; songs I I could listen to while cooking, cleaning my room or moisturizing. Here's to experiencing warmth and motion vicariously through music. These songs have tiny moving parts within them, like 'Betsy' has trinket sounds, 'for the windows in paradise' has a soft count of one, two, three before the strings buzz, and these faint but discernable elements to these songs make me feel proximate to the source of the sound, like I'm in the room. I hope people who listen to it can have a similar comforting experience. 

Shruti Mittal is a university student from New Delhi, India. Music, mental health advocacy and representation for trauma survivors are some of the things she's passionate about. Shruti loves writing diary entry-esque songs and sometimes uploads them onto social media.