May 7th, 2020

Playlist & Artwork by Anna White

Quarantine has me feeling young, and it's not just because I'm living at my parents' house for the longest time I have in years. Regardless of location, I think we're all feeling it to some extent: a pent up energy, a frustrating inability to interact with the world to the full extent that we want, and a kind of uniquely teenage loneliness. It's not necessarily "teen angst", but a similarly big emotionality.

These are songs that capture those big teen feelings - some of my favorites from high school, and some newer songs along the same vein. Drive through your hometown, roll down the windows, and put these on. Sing out loud if you want. 


Anna White is a writer and illustrator based in Chicago, IL, and a Nearness co-founder. She also plays music in an alt-pop project called Dog Beach. You can find her on instagram @annaclairewhite