22nd October, 2020

Playlist by Clara Alger · Artwork by Tina Tona

"Why are girls in songs always seventeen?” asks the lead singer of Wallows in the song "1980s Horror Film". Well, I've wondered the same thing myself, and as someone about to turn seventeen, I’m excited to experience an age that is so often immortalised in songs and in movies. With the global pandemic still going on, I don’t think my time as a 17-year-old will turn out to be the super social, adventurous year I had envisioned. But I think it will still hold that special feeling.


Many of the lyrics on these songs reference the bravery of 17-year-olds, which I think is especially needed during this time. I wanted this playlist to have a similar feeling as coming of age films do, and I've included tracks by ABBA, Troye Sivan, and Jade Bird, among others. I think even once I am past the age of seventeen, I will still turn to this playlist as a passport for nostalgia. I hope you enjoy it, whatever age you are.

tina_tona_17 playlist cover.jpg

Clara Alger is a student in the Philadelphia area who loves to dance, draw, and listen to music.

Tina Tona is a 19-year-old multi-medium Rwandese/Ugandan artist from the DMV. They specialize in film photography and collage art, and use their work to highlight the nuances of Blackness and femininity. They are deeply inspired by black artists such as Solange and Andre 3000, and hope that one day their work can be used as a tool to engage with Afro-futurism the way theirs is.