April 30th, 2020

Playlist by Mána Taylor · Artwork by Elyse Van Bloemen Waanders

These songs are comforting to me, in their sounds, textures, and messages. It is a compilation that I listen to when I am sad, frustrated, and seeking warmth or reassurance. Townes Van Zandt comforts me when he sings “close your eyes, I’ll be here in the morning.” The Books sings in a rhythmic repetition “take time” and other indie or experimental voices and tunes follow, reminding me that all will be okay.


Mána Taylor is a writer, researcher, and aspiring journalist based in Chicago. She is also a vocalist in the bands Máte and Dear July

Elyse Van Bloemen Waanders  is a collage artist currently living in Chicago. She loves the outdoors and draws inspiration from the colourful images found in the natural world.