April 16th, 2020

By Emma W.

It's a strange time, but I anticipate the beauty that will emerge from all of this. I'm imagining the musicians in isolation, writing songs we'll fall in love with, cry to, kiss to, months and years down the line. I was lying in bed the other afternoon, listening to the rain against my window, and decided to make a playlist, an ode to a handful of the songs that have elevated me in times of uncertainty. The piano during the last minute of "The Greatest" by Lana Del Rey, the tinny acoustics of Feist's "Baby Be Simple," the otherworldliness in "White Lake" by Deaf Center. Despite our physical distance from one another, none of us are alone right now. There is so much beauty around us, always. These songs are like a wink from some unknown force saying it's alright to slow down, to feel your feelings.


Emma W. lives in Toronto. The first print issue of her zine @pinkrabbitfootdiary will be available this summer.