April 23rd, 2020

By Elyse Van Bloemen Waanders

 I am an extrovert, a label that has never felt like such a negative trait until now. As I sit quarantined in my apartment in Chicago, I can’t help but feel more claustrophobic than ever. On a normal day if I’m not sleeping or working, I’m outside hanging with friends, sitting in cafes or going on runs along Lake Michigan. Like many others, I’ve been forced to adopt a new routine to create some normalcy during this strange time. One essential part of my day now is to take a walk with my roommate's dog, Hawk. We don’t have a set destination and usually cross the street if there's another human on the same path, but it’s a little part of the day that has kept me sane. Here is a quarantined playlist that I hope will bring you solace on your daily walk or in your quarantined space.


Elyse Van Bloemen Waanders is a collage artist currently living in Chicago. She loves the outdoors and draws inspiration from the colourful images found in the natural world.