17th September, 2020

by Frasie Molina

I have been physically separated from my boyfriend for the past two months. Being apart during this hard time is challenging on many levels but connection can still exist with video chat, emails and music. I was in my bedroom the other night thinking about my boyfriend and I made this cheesy playlist called "Minuit Sans Toi" (or "Midnight Without You" in English). It’s a playlist full of love songs to daydream about your loved one (or your crush)! Of course, you don't need to have a lover or to be in love to listen it. I hope you enjoy it!


Frasie Molina is a French writer, artist and cat behaviorist living in Paris. She works with drawing, photography and vintage books to create multi-colored and dreamy worlds. The themes are mainly female characters and flowers. You can find her work on Instagram @frasiemolina