November 5th, 2020

by Nicole Stunwyck

All songs featured in this playlist are performed by the trailblazing women entertainers and movie stars who made my quarantine significantly better: some of them, by the staggering sense of camaraderie they inspired in me whilstreading their biographies, and others, by the sublime escapism they providedme with when watching their glamorous films. In one way or another, all of the phenomenal women listed here have contributed at keeping me optimistic towards the future + further developing my identity notwithstanding the current climate, and isn’t that what great artists do when life takes a dark turn? Put these tunes on when you feel like doing your makeup for no reason but to daydream about your own Hollywood biopic.


Nicole Stunwyck is a writer and director from Peru. Inspired by classic Hollywood cinema, she explores feminist subjects in her movies while intending to create cathartic visual experiences for women moviegoers. You can find her work @nn.icole

Alia Wilhelm is a Turkish German multimedia artist based in London. She is a Nearness co-founder.