August 27th, 2020

Words & Playlist by Emily Abshire · Artwork by Anna White

When Christine And The Queens put out “People, I’ve Been Sad” in February, we hardly knew what 2020 had in store for us. But as things unfolded, this song quickly became an anthem for the year - an anthem for embracing these sad and scary feelings and shouting them from the rooftop (literally, watch the music video.)

“It's true, that people, I've been sad / It's true, that people, I've been gone / It's true, that people, I've been missing out / And missing out for way too long.” Chris is unabashedly owning her feelings, bringing power to her truth. If there’s anything I’ve learned in 2020, it’s owning these feelings of sadness, loneliness and uncertainty. Let’s embrace these so-called “negative” feelings, hear what they’re telling us, and shout our truth from our own rooftops. 


Emily Abshire is a “retired” music journalist who loves dad rock and playlists from friends. She works in news and lives in a house with her close friends in Washington DC.

Anna White is a writer and illustrator currently based in Bellingham, WA and a Nearness co-founder. You can find her on Instagram @annaclairewhite