October 15th, 2020

by Anna White

October has an exciting energy—the cold, crisp air and the increasingly early darkness buzz with an underlying sense of potential. This is my first fall in the Pacific Northwest in years, and the grey haze inherent to the season in this region feels charged rather than gloomy, full of dormant power. 


This playlist was inspired by this feeling— think the 2016 film "Raw", Lydia Lunch, Scooby Doo’s hex girls, fishnet tights. A kind of post-punk femininity, a little dark and a little sexy. Give this collection of spooky new wave and punk a listen and feel powerful in a witchy kind of way.


Anna White is a writer and illustrator currently based in Bellingham, WA and a Nearness co-founder. You can find her on Instagram @annaclairewhite