July 2nd, 2020

Playlist by Jaclyn Skurie · Artwork by Sedona LeBlanc

In quarantine, feeling engaged with anything besides the endless scroll of my doomsday Twitter feed feels nearly impossible. Up until this week, I had read one page of one book. Zooming with friends only makes me feel more distant from the ones I love. I end up staring at my face the entire time, criticizing my appearance or counting the times I talk over other people. 


I have also cycled through forgetting and then remembering that listening to music is an activity that exists! An activity that has the power to inspire different emotions! Sadly, I am usually only reminded about music's existence by my urge to Shazam a song featured in an apocalyptic commercial or from something I hear on TikTok. Recently, I was singing a song that had mysteriously entered but was actually unbeknownst to me at the time: "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior. "Why are you singing the song from the Kohl's commercial?" asked my brother.


In an effort to feel some sort of something, here is a playlist that helps me remember that I am a human with a body (a body that loves to dance) in a time that feels like often I’m just a girl on a screen.


Jaclyn Skurie lives in Brooklyn, New York. She makes documentaries and loves to eat coleslaw.

Sedona LeBlanc is a 20-year-old who, among other things, is making art and music in western Massachusetts. You can follow her on Instagram at @sedonaleblanc!