17th October, 2020

by Alba Petrichor

When lockdown started, it felt like the vacation I needed. But then I realized I was about to be inside my tiny space for much longer than expected. It felt challenging to be by myself for so long, especially because I usually go out with friends so that I don’t have to hear myself think.


But time passed by. I woke up whenever I wanted to, did some chores, learned how to cook my favorite meals, read about photographers I was interested in, watched a bunch of films, started a daily yoga routine and photographed myself in many  different ways. I always loved self-portraits but I started to get tired of my face, my body, my scars, my fat, my hair. I didn’t want to look at my reflection anymore. I wanted to go out, but I also fell in love with my life as it was: doing the things I loved and having no pressure on my shoulders to get everything done, since everything had come to a pause. It felt so nice.

I created this series right after lockdown ended and we were allowed to leave the house again. After three months of staying inside, talking to myself, getting to know myself better, I thought about how I was feeling: I still felt stuck inside a bubble. My idea for this photo series was inspired by the feeling of finally of being outside while still feeling trapped. I wanted the images to feel like a dream because that's how it felt to leave the house after three months of not being able to: unreal.


Alba Petrichor is a Barcelona-based photographer. She studied cinematography and learned the importance of inspiring emotions through light and images, then discovered photography was the thing she was more passionate about. She loves to shoot on film and tries to build intimate spaces to tell stories about people and their surroundings. You can find her on Instagram @albapetrichor