5th December, 2020

by Ana Burn

Being stuck at home makes you see your house in a different way

ANA_BURON_Untitled (4).jpg
ANA_BURON_Untitled (5).jpg

Today, while I was watching the last hour of a Japanese movie, I remembered all the times I wasted my camera film on taking photos in my patio or inside my room, and I decided to rescue some of them. 


No matter how sunny it is, only a small amount of light ever enters my house. It's something I have always been aware of, but it has recently started to bother me. I suppose that before I had never considered the possibility of being locked up here for days.  Bette and I call it "The Courtyard Of Suicides". I don't remember how the name came to be, only that we have imagined many stories ending in someone's fall out of the window. Actually not much happens in this patio other than the spectacle of the neighbor hanging out his towels, unsure of how to properly use the clothesline.

ANA_BURON_Untitled (29).jpg

I love the mirror in my room. I usually take a lot of pictures in front of it. Mia Wallace sure loves to spend all day reflected on it.

ANA_BURON_Untitled (3).jpg

My room is quite small, and it is full of things that I move all the time from one place to another while I’m watching my favorite classic movies. Now the curtain has a knot and I no longer have that tape recorder on the table or anywhere else. What I do have are many earrings hanging from the table lamp, although since I took that photo I have not pierced my ears again. One thing that I sure have done is read Sebastião Salgado’s book that is on the cushion. And I have listened to that cassette many times. And I have worn that sweater even more.

ANA_BURON_Untitled (2).jpg

The living room no longer has this arrangement. It was temporarily changed so I could take some photos but then we ended up liking it more this way, although the bookshelf covers a Monet painting and it is messier overall. 

ANA_BURON_Untitled (5) (1).jpg

And finally, a little color from an expired film. Like the color that Bette brings to this quarantine with his craziness.

Ana Burn is a 22-year-old girl from Spain. She studied biology but is very interested in art and in her free time she likes to learn about it and visit all kinds of galleries. One of her main hobbies is analogue photography: She always carries a camera with her to capture the moments and the people with whom she shares her life. You can find her on Instagram @anaburnn and @anaburnum