June 16th, 2020

by Jonathan Stutz

"Nobody_" was my attempt to document six years of medical trauma, quarantine, and infectious disease. I had one year between major spinal surgeries to try to get a grip on what happened to my body and identity from ages 16-23, hoping some closure would come before my spine was to be cut back open. What ensued were 72 pages of raw, rambling comics. Tuberculosis, c-diff, tumors, addiction, assault, and medical isolation. The following are excerpts from pages 24 and 25. 


With the ongoing pandemic, I feel these traumas at last serve a purpose beyond just hurting myself. I hope my experiences, both lived and survived, can be a source of information or empathy during this time. If you’d like a free digital copy of the entirety of "Nobody_" or any personal support through this pandemic quarantine, please be in touch. For once, I don’t feel quarantined alone. Thank you for being here with me.

Jonathan Stutz is a non-binary cartoonist and musician hiding in their synth dungeon in Chicago, Illinois. Their drawing and music projects primarily focus on surviving medical trauma, gender identity, and finding love within chosen family. Their first book Nobody_ was released this time last year and is available for free download. You can reach them at @jonathanstutz_ on Instagram or at jonathanstutzmusic@gmail.com