June 22nd, 2020

Words & Illustrations by Daniela Loza

When the uprise of the Black Lives Matter Movement started, I felt angry, but also part of a new era of change. Besides donating, signing petitions, and sharing information, I really wanted to explore a new side of myself through art. I was inspired by the motivational posters like the cat saying "hang in there" and the way some black filmmakers like Cheryl Dunye portray their emotions in a hot and comical way.  My art is silly and colourful, but I never really made that breakthrough of creating something political. I must admit there is still a lot of growth for me in that department but selling these for donations felt like the best way for me to contribute to the movement while still using my imagination and a sprinkle of sexuality.

DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200616 (2).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200608 (3).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200617 (6).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200530 (10).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200530 (20).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200618 (2).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200617 (13).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200617 (9).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200617 (7).png
DANIELA_LOZA_Scan_20200617 (11).png

Daniela Loza is a 17-year-old, fat Mexican-American female artist living in Chicago. She explores her sexuality and imagination through crayon drawings, watercolor paintings, and paper mache sculptures. You can check out her work @lilcupofmilk