25th October, 2020

by Victoria Campa

One afternoon during the last week of March, I sat cross legged on the floor of my bedroom with a cardboard box, a stack of leftover paper and some string to bind myself a notebook. I wrote my first entry on April 3rd, my 25th birthday, and tried to make something in its pages every day after that. Shelter in place had been introduced a few weeks prior, and we were just beginning to settle into routines around staying at home and limiting our contact with those outside of our household. My room took on a different meaning, as did my house and my roommates. The act of inhabiting a space for extended periods of time made us reimagine its potential, its importance, its use.   

Taking photographs was difficult at first, so I turned to the copies of old photos I had printed and stored under my bed. Dissected, decomposed and refurbished, they became something new. Now, stuck onto pages alongside free form words, these are a document of the days, weeks and months that passed in between then and where we are now.

Victoria Campa grew up in Madrid, Spain, and has traveled around the world with her camera. She mostly lenses women in quiet moments within their environments, and she is interested in exploring the passage of time, strength in vulnerability, and inner lives through stories. She writes a bi-weekly newsletter about art, film, and writing called things to look at. You can explore her work at