April 14th, 2020

By Leigh Burmesch & Hannah Boomershine

Indoor Voices is a short film that documents how people around the world have been coping in the first few months of quarantine. We built the story from voice memos people shared with us and then animated each person’s experience, which ranged from wardrobe selection to life as a new mom. We are all experiencing collective grief over the loss of our “normal” lives, the fear of getting sick and the uncertainty of when we can return to the people and places we love. We hope viewers of this film will reflect on their own experiences within quarantine, and find connection with others experiencing social isolation.

Leigh Burmesch is a filmmaker based in Chicago. She’s extremely nostalgic and an avid collector of socks. You can check out more of her work at


Hannah Boomershine is a multimedia producer based in Chicago. She produces a podcast called Pretty Zitty and likes black cats. You can check out more of her work at


The last film Leigh and Hannah collaborated on is a short doc about a middle school crush called Crushed.