7th August, 2020

by Callie Bri Keels

This series is all about capturing the mood of a moment. Living through a pandemic is unique to our time and I wanted to create photos that document how I felt during it. I did this through visual contrast, choosing vibrant colors to portray my life indoors versus the duller and softer colors of the still world outside.


I lived alone for two months while I waited out the pandemic in New York City. I had moved to New York in January and as soon as I got settled, COVID-19 hit. This made for two very lonely months of quarantine. It was just me and my thoughts, which bred both anxiety and creativity. The photos taken inside my apartment, primarily self portraits, show me doing everyday tasks such as brushing my teeth, typing on my computer and getting a midnight snack. Although the tasks themselves were mundane, my apartment around me is vibrant and even blurry and distorted at times. This expresses how I felt like I was in a dream world where time was of no essence anymore. The world was colorful and relaxing at times, and stressful and confusing at others.


In contrast, the images of my neighborhood, taken on quiet quarantine walks, portray just that: quiet and stillness. My head was spinning at home but when I stepped outside it felt like the world stopped. In these images the colors are muted greys and pastels to drive home this feeling visually. These images are quite different from the self portraits at home, but I hope they still feel distant and dreamlike as if time was on pause. 

Callie Bri Keels is a writer and film photographer from Texas, who is currently based in NYC. She often plays with color and lighting to create a cinematic atmosphere in her work. You can check her  out at @calliebri or