April 11th, 2020

Words & Artwork by Grace Miceli

Here is a list of films to check out during quarantine. Movies are one of my favorite ways to temporarily get away from my thoughts while still gathering lots of encouraging inspiration. I hope you enjoy! 


1. Frankie and Johnny

This movie makes me miss sitting in a busy NYC diner. It’s a great 90s rom-com that also gets into some real deep stuff. Michelle Pfeiffer’s apartment is painted the most perfect periwinkle and Al Pacino has a really great 90s heartthrob poofy hair cut. 

2. Honey Boy

Shia LaBeouf is really hot and this movie made me cry like six times. I’m totally a sucker for a daddy issues movie that also touches on sobriety and therapy and support groups. Plus Shia showed up at the screening I went to when it came out and I almost hyperventilated. Remember movie theatres? Yeah, those were cool. 

3. Dogtooth

Some camaraderie for never being able to leave your house! This is a freaky family film where the children don’t know about the outside world because they don’t leave their home or yard, and don’t even know it’s even an option. It manages to also be a kinda sweet and silly coming of age film at times, even though it’s mostly like really disturbing when you think about it. 

4. Deep Impact

It’s kind of soothing to watch the world end in a totally different way. Why were we so into the apocalypse in 1998? This movie came out the same year as Armageddon and even though it doesn’t have the hottest woman ever (Liv Tyler) I’ll never forget being a kid and rewinding the end scene with that tidal wave over and over again on my VCR. 


5. Mandy

What’s a better way to escape from reality for a few hours than watching a screaming bloody Nicholas Cage and some LSD zombies? This movie is super violent so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really dig horror and cults and revenge films. But the early scenes of their cabin in the woods and the soundtrack are so dreamy. After that everything goes to shit. 

Grace Miceli is a Brooklyn-based freelance artist. Her clients include The New Yorker, Apple TV, Nike, Warner Bros., The New York Times and Adidas.