August 1st, 2020

by Alia Wilhelm & Anna White · Artwork by Various

This month, we're paying homage to our contributors, who have helped to transform Nearness from a blank canvas at a fancy URL into a gallery full of beautiful, heartfelt content.


In July, we published Victoria Campa's interview with Nearness contributor Tina Tona, Sande Chen's essay, "Dear Daughter", on the experience of motherhood during lockdown, Sedona LeBlanc's blue hued"Astronomical Blues" collage kit, in which she describes creative expression as saving her from floating into an existential haze, and Claire Hardwick's personal essay, "Finding My Own Love Island", about the author's relationship reflections, inspired by the infamous reality TV show. We also shared Becky Goddard's DIY on how to make your own protective mask, and Nicolette McManus's tutorial on crafting your own fanny pack.


In an Instagram shout-out last week, we asked anyone wanting to share their quarantine artwork with us to send it through, and we're excited to be able to share those with you here. Please keep sending your artwork in to hello@nearnessproject.com. We love seeing your creations. 

Maija Ekey1.jpg
Maija Ekey3.jpg
Maija Ekey7.jpg

Collages by Maija Ekey

Laetitia Mathonimage0.jpeg

Collage by Laetitia Mathon

"I was missing my friends so I created some collages of them surrounded by things I like: flowers, pink things, fruits... I took these photos during happy moments with my vintage camera."

agustina zabalaIMG_6050.jpeg
agustina zabalaIMG_8164.jpeg
agustina zabalaIMG_7001.jpeg

Photographs by Agustina Zabala

"Things I’ve learned during this time of quarantine: Talking about my emotions, painting without putting much pressure, making a garden and taking care of it, dancing on my own, staying in bed for pleasure is not the same as staying in bed because I’m depressed, finding spirituality in the tiniest things, trying to stay sober, trying silence, connecting with my friends in a new way, connecting with timing in a new way, taking time to think about what I take for granted."

Allyson RocheIMG_3952.JPG

Collage by Allyson Roche

"This is a collage I made inspired by my feelings of escapism, using both traditional symbols of escapism like the starlets of Old Hollywood and architecture that reminds me of faraway places. Because travel is restricted, my vacation was cancelled, so I spent a lot time yearning for new discoveries. I believe this reflects that dreamy state."

Laura Daniela Rojas VizcardoImage.jpeg
Laura Daniela Rojas VizcardoImage (1).jp
Laura Daniela Rojas VizcardoImage (2).jp

Artwork by Laura Rojas

"During this quarantine, I have done a lot of art, A LOT.  Some of the artworks I like the most about quarantine were these three."

Erin Weeks image0.jpeg
Erin Weeks image1.jpeg
Erin Weeks image2.jpeg

Artwork by Erin Weeks

"This year, I keep finding myself wishing that I could just go back in time. I wrote this poem about this one really beautiful memory I have from when I was at the beac a few years ago. The pandemic has really inspired me to reflect on some of my favorite memories and has been reminding me why I never, ever want to take those times of pure freedom for granted."

Erin Zhangdays.JPG

Artwork by Erin Zhang

"I’m a 20-year-old student living at home with my parents in St. Louis. I’m a mixed medium artist who likes to work with video, clay, and illustration. I’ve been trying to use quarantine to really expand the boundaries of old skills and to learn new ones. I always start out new pieces almost feeling like it’s a chore to even put my mind to something productive. But, I can feel myself really growing into my style these days, so it’s been totally worth it!"