May 17th, 2020

Words by Neta Ravel · Photographs by Aviad Zisman

I've gone through all the must-do’s in quarantine, including baking challah bread and cleaning out my closet, so recently I turned to my box of fabric. I had some amazing materials left over from my days as a student and thought it would be cool to sew masks using them. I didn’t like the idea of disposable masks; not only are they not environmentally friendly, but they just didn’t look good! I realized that masks were probably going to stay with us for a while and decided that they should at least be cool, so I thought about sewing matching sets of masks and  scrunchies. I have SO many scrunchies, and I put a lot of effort into matching my scrunchie to my outfit every day. It’s a beginner friendly sew and it gets pretty addicting after a while. Here's a guide to making your very own scrunchie, using whatever leftover fabric you have lying around.



1. Draw a rectangular shape on your fabric using a ruler and a trick marker (don't worry: it disappears after a while). I made this one 75cm x 16cm, but it could also be 65cm x 10cm (or anywhere in between).


2. Cut the fabric.


3. Fold the fabric in half. Then sew a straight line across the edge, leaving a gap of about 3cm from the top and from the bottom.


4. Turn it inside out.


5. Cut a piece of elastic band that's 20cm long, and tie it to the needle (or attach to a safety pin).


6. Thread the elastic through the tube of the fabric.


7. Tie the elastic band into a knot. I recommend trying the scrunchie out at this step, to check if you like the size of it :)

8. This is the tricky part. Don't get discouraged! I believe in you! Align and sew the short sides of the tube together, from the inside (make sure the tube is not twisted).


9. Turn it right-side out again, through the gap you left. Fold the edges of the gap inside, pin it down and sew along the edge.


Congratulations on your first scrunchie! (The next one will be easier I promise).


Neta Ravel is a 29-year-old fashion designer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. You can find her on Instagram @netaravel

Aviad Zisman is a 35-year-old photographer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. You can find his work on Instagram @aviad_zisman and