June 26th, 2020

Words and Photographs by Alexis Lehman

In the month that has passed since the death of George Floyd, protests have erupted across the U.S. and around the world, with people demanding justice and an end to the police state. I spent almost every day for three and a half weeks in downtown Seattle, peacefully protesting alongside thousands of others and combatting not only violent police retaliation, but harmful misinformation about the nature of these protests, often perpetuated by mainstream news media. I started taking film photos to document my perspective, as film has always resonated as such a raw, candid and honest medium for me. From peaceful marches and demonstrations to police officers in riot gear with covered badges instigating violence, to the development of the occupied protest zone, this is what I have seen

ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-21 11.39.16 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-21 11.37.30 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-20 03.53.59 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-20 08.02.50 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-21 11.38.20 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-21 11.44.25 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-22 03.30.33 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-21 11.41.47 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-20 03.56.13 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-22 03.37.07 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-22 03.29.18 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-20 03.55.31 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-22 03.36.25 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-22 03.35.07 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-22 03.32.42 1.jpg
ALEX_LEHMAN_2020-06-20 03.47.48 1.jpg

Alexis Lehman is a film photographer who started taking pictures because of her fascination with people-watching. Her style is primarily street portraiture or concert photography. You can find more of her work on instagram @alexisonfilm