30th September, 2020

by Tina Tona

When I think back to when I first started making collages, I remember only having access to photos that were from magazines lying around our house or stolen from school. Before realizing I could use any images I pleased from the internet, I had a roster of magazines I was fiending to have in my possession for the sole purpose of making a cool collage. In that list, there was Jet Magazine, DRUM Magazine, The Source, Vibe Magazine. Last month I found out that Google Books has an archive of every issue of Vibe Magazine and I was instantly obsessed with the vibrancy and fun of the Y2K aesthetics. This collage kit is a compilation of what I would've cut out of Vibe Magazine if you'd given me a stack of them at the beginning of my collaging journey. Hope you have fun playing around with all the iconic artists, brands, and outdated technology. Print these pages out and use good old-fashioned scissors and glue to do some arts and crafts, or download the kit and create something digitally. When you're done, send a photo or scan of your artwork to

Download the first page of the kit here

TINA_TONA_vibe collage kit.jpg
TINA_TONA_vibe collage kit 2.jpg

The third one here

TINA_TONA_vibe collage kit 3.jpg

The fourth page here

TINA_TONA_vibe collage kit 4.jpg

This last page here

TINA_TONA_vibe collage kit 5.jpg

Tina Tona is a 19-year-old multi-medium Rwandese/Ugandan artist from the DMV. They specialize in film photography and collage art, and use their work to highlight the nuances of Blackness and femininity. They are deeply inspired by black artists such as Solange and Andre 3000, and hope that one day their work can be used as a tool to engage with Afro-futurism the way theirs is.