August 5th, 2020

by Emma W.

In the thick of summer, I love how the days can pass without names or numbers as we lose track of time. One of my favourite quotes is, "There was never enough time and there was never enough summer". I can measure how far into the season we are by which flowers are in bloom and how many meteors are falling by the hour. Part of what I love about the season are the memories: being a child and holding a gum ball for so long it tie-dyed my palm, plucking daisies from the grass and sticking them behind my ear, driving fast on dirt roads with all the windows down. As you piece together your own collage from this kit, get lost in your own summer memories. Which flowers, foods, places and rituals do you return to during this time of the year? What makes July and August so magical for you? 


We recommend printing these pages out so you can use good old-fashioned scissors and glue to do some arts and crafts. When you're done, send a photo or a scan of your artwork to hello@nearnessproject.comHappy collaging! 

Download the first page of Emma's kit here


And this page of beautiful backgrounds here


Emma W. lives in Toronto. The first print issue of her zine @pinkrabbitfootdiary will be available this summer.