20th January, 2020

by Alia Wilhelm

I get this very specific feeling in my gut when I'm inspired by something. If it's an image I've stumbled upon online, I save it in a folder named 'SIZZLE SIZZLE'. Photos or artwork that inspire me feel like they have a special shine to them, and the word sizzle feels right, like momentarily falling in love with something, even if that something is a drawing of an old shoe or a photo of Jimi Hendrix in a poncho on one of his album covers.  You know as you're looking at it that you wont forget it, almost like the image is already a memory.


I always find it fun to go through these saved pictures. My reaction to them is usually just as visceral a few months down the line, and I like having a record of what I was drawn to. It feels important, like proof of some kind of personal journey. This collage kit is made up of images I saved on my computer this past year. It's a library of colours and textures and moments. I've also included two printable frames that you can use for your artwork, in case you feel like hanging it up on your wall. Print these pages out and use good old-fashioned scissors and glue to do some arts and crafts, or download the kit and create something digitally. When you're done, send a photo or scan of your artwork to

Download the first page here


This printable picture frame here


And this second frame here


Alia Wilhelm is a collage artist, photographer and art director based in London. She is also a Nearness co-founder.