10th February 2021

by Allison Anne

Love is a many splendored thing, and takes many forms! Collage, mail art and zines have been a major balm for my pandemic-induced isolation, and are all communities that I deeply love being a part of. This collage kit is meant to bridge some distance by including a variety of images from different eras and places. Make a valentine for someone dear to your heart, a colorful abstract artwork, or collage a postcard!  Send your creations to

Download the first page of the kit here

A background option here


And one more background option here


Allison Anne is a collagist, mail artist and zinemaker living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on occupied Dakota land. They spend most of their time watching Depeche Mode VHS tapes and reassembling paper into something new! You can find them on Instagram @allisonannecollage or by visiting