3rd February 2020

by Beyza Durmus

We all have our favorite cliches that we cant help but love, and Valentine's Day is one of mine. Even though I always spend it alone, I get inspired by my love for the day itself and seeing other people who are in love. Whether its a specific person, friend, family member, job or hobby, I love how people become very passionate about the person or the thing they so adore. Here's a collage kit to help you create your own homemade ode to the thing or person you love the most. When you've made your artwork, send it along to         

Download the first page here


And a background here


Beyza Durmuş is an illustrator from Turkey. She is fascinated by faces, women and struggles in life. She believes that a “style” can be restrictive, which is why she draws like she has over a hundred personalities. You can follow her @silkmauve