24th March 2021

by Laura Vizcardo

I named this collage kit "fearless" because I hope it encourages you to create art without fear. Not all art has to make sense, and not all art has to come from the depths of your heart either. Art doesn't even need to be beautiful! With that in mind, I've included all kinds of shapes and colours to inspire you to make some crazy art! There are also patterns here that you can use as backgrounds of your collages. I recommend printing these pages out so you can use good old-fashioned scissors and glue to do some arts and crafts. When you're done, send a photo or a scan of your artwork to hello@nearnessproject.comHave fun!

Download the first page of the kit here

Collage kit nearness-1.jpg
Collage kit nearness-3.jpg

And a couple of backgrounds here

Collage kit nearness-2.jpg
Collage kit nearness-4.jpg

Laura Vizcardo is an 18-year-old artist from Peru. "Mar Alternativo", another name she goes by, is her personal project, in which she shares her art and all her ways of making art. She loves mixing colors and shapes, and letting herself get completely carried away by the creative process.