23rd December, 2020

by Emma W.

This collage kit is inspired by teen magazines and ads from the 1950's and 60's. I was recently flipping through Co-Ed magazine, which I found in a mothball-y old chest in my grandparents basement years ago and held onto. It must have belonged to my mom or one of my aunts. It certainly is a relic: The cover notes that the magazine is geared toward "career girls and homemakers". An issue cost thirty-five cents. The content is laughably outdated but there's something endearing about the old ads for roller skates, lipstick, new ice cream flavours and shoes. I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole searching for images for this collage kit. The colours are so vibrant and even if everything else seems totally outdated, the styling in some of these ads is out of this world. Get lost in the dream days of decades past as you fashion your own collage from this kit! When you're done, send a photo or scan of your artwork to

Download the first page here


This marvellous third page here


And one other option here


Emma W. lives in Toronto. The first print issue of her zine @pinkrabbitfootdiary will be available soon.