25th November, 2020

by Ramisha Sattar

This collage kit is filled with plenty of 60s fashion, paired with lots of bold and colorful patterns! I also included some of Juno Birch’s sculptures and Yayoi Kusama’s work 'cause I felt like it complimented the colors so perfectly. I can’t wait to see how you bring all of these pieces together! Send your creations to

Download the first page here

RAMISHA_SATTAR_Collage Kit-1.png
RAMISHA_SATTAR_Collage Kit-2.png

A third page here

RAMISHA_SATTAR_Collage Kit-3.png

This crazy one here

RAMISHA_SATTAR_Collage Kit-4.png

And one last page here

RAMISHA_SATTAR_Collage Kit-5.png

Ramisha Sattar is a designer based out of Texas. She loves telling stories through illustration, motion graphics, and collaging. You can find her work at