July 29th, 2020

by Tina Tona

I think in a time like this, when we’re witnessing so much violence against the black community, it’s important to also circulate positive black images. In this collage kit, I wanted to replicate the same vibrancy I see in the black art I consume, in addition to the same carefree feeling I see in my peers. I thought of us in gardens, being able to achieve full unbridled expression, and also us as art as I collected the images for this collage kit. I hope you feel inspired to make something from this! Don’t forget that black joy matters too.


We recommend printing these pages out so you can use good old-fashioned scissors and glue to do some arts and crafts. When you're done, send a photo or a scan of your artwork to hello@nearnessproject.comHappy collaging! 

Download the first page of Tina's kit here


The third one here


A page of backgrounds here.


And a last page of backgrounds here


Tina Tona is a 19-year-old multi-medium Rwandese/Ugandan artist from the DMV. They specialize in film photography and collage art, and use their work to highlight the nuances of Blackness and femininity. They are deeply inspired by black artists such as Solange and Andre 3000, and hope that one day their work can be used as a tool to engage with Afro-futurism the way theirs is.