2nd December, 2020

by Maria Bisogno

When making this collage kit, I was inspired by my childhood. I'm a '98 baby, and I really love and miss the early 2000s with their funky trends and extravaganza, so I decided to put together all the items that played a part in my early years and that I still remember vividly today: transparent inflatable chairs, cartoons, stickers and super bright colors. Looking at these allows me to reminisce and celebrate the good old times. And when I was a kid, I used to bedazzle anything with stickers (and I still do, actually) so I decided to include a gameboy in this collage kit and loads of stickers to decorate it with! Send any and all of your creations to

Download the first page here

MARIA_BISOGNO_nintendo kit.jpg

And a lovely choice of backgrounds here


Maria Bisogno is a 22-year-old graphic design student who lives in a small town in Italy. She likes going on dates by herself around the town on sunny days and seeing rainbows light up her room in the morning.