August 29th, 2020

Words & Artwork by Marianna Asimakopoulou

These photos follow on from the first part of my photo series, "A Different Kind Of Loneliness". While those were all color images, here I've included black and white images only. The theme of loneliness remains, but what inspired me to include black and white images in the continuation of the series was the realization that being quarantined, spending time with and by myself and being lonely, are not wholly positive or negative experiences in themselves. Associating black and white with the negative aspects and color with the positive, I felt that if I was going to record my experience, I ought to do it holistically instead of showing just one side of things. So instead I decided to show both sides: the good and the bad.

Marianna Asimakopoulou is a photographer based in Savannah, Georgia, and Thessaloniki, Greece. She is currently a documentary photography BFA candidate at the Savannah College of Art and Design.