June 10th, 2020

by Nina Yagual

There is more sorrow than a papaya has seeds, for every beauty is a million pains. We find wisdom in our brown bodies and miracles in our rooms. We are ancestral stars caught between the wrath of heaven and earth. We are fully discovered in the brightness of sacrifice. We are living testimony of what it means to mourn. Is there true happiness if only for some born? I really don't know, but for certain, we deserve it.

NINA_YAGUAL_We are magic.png
NINA_YAGUAL_somos semillas.jpg
NINA_YAGUAL_Living Testimony.jpg
NINA_YAGUAL_From here.png

Nina Yagual is an artist and activist living in Florida. Like so many others, she has been making magic since before time. The first piece, titled "We are magic", is a photo collaboration with Liza Garza, another ancient spirit who weaves words into living tapestries. Follow Nina @beautifulhoodcrumb and Liza @lizagarza