July 12th, 2020

by Mariana Lizaur

Looking back now at these images, seeing people so close to each other, makes me feel anxious. Isolating myself and walking away from people has become so natural that I don't understand what I see. Isn't that strange? As violent as this change was, somehow I found a way to accept it and keep moving. We have to be strong and believe something good will come out of this but after 100 days of isolation I'm starting to miss going out for a walk with my mom, seeing my best friend and hugging her. I miss counting down the days until my sister's flight back home and I miss my niece. I don't know when I will see my family together again. I try not to be scared but every day there's a new person trying to cough on someone's face because they don't believe in science. I wish people would just stop denying reality. I don't think anything will go back to normal. It's gone, and this is the new normal: masks, alcohol, gloves, and social distancing. 

Mariana_Lizaur_NearnessCollage 3.jpg
Mariana_Lizaur_NearnessCollage 2.jpg
Mariana_Lizaur_NearnessCollage 5.jpg
Mariana_Lizaur_NearnessCollage 4.jpg
Mariana_Lizaur_NearnessCollage 1.jpg

Mariana Lizaur is a photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her main focus in terms of her work is to portray reality, documenting the beauty of everyday life.