June 28th, 2020

Words & Artwork by LoMo

I source images from magazines and re-contextualize my subjects through surrealist cut and paste collage techniques. Occasionally working in silhouette, I create the idea of a person, questioning, "How much of one's identity can we convey based on how much information we choose to visually present as ourselves?"

When choosing subjects to work with I seek inspiration from representations of contemporary women of color. Using images from magazines, I weave together space-less planes featuring a singular image of women in the media. Paired with sweets, starbursts, halos, hearts, and rainbows, I seek to subvert the traditional rigidity of classical portrait photography, and stereotypical interpretation of women of color in fine art, specifically those of Pan-African descent.

I like to think of my figureless collages as sets, scenes, or still lives in which events take place within or around. I am inspired by the art of storytelling in which I seek to create a narrative inspired by everyday life, offering a reimagining of common narratives through the rearrangement of accessible imagery.


LoMo is a New York City-based mixed media artist. Merging their love of assemblage, photography, and storytelling, their work flirts between fantasy and reality. You can follow her at @lorrynettart