May 5th, 2020

by Jasmine Dunne

The images that I love to take the most are on film, and the images that I love to keep most are those of loved ones, friends and good memories. You can take professional photos forever but they will never be as satisfying and fun as unplanned ones you take with your friends. Finding something that fills that gap during quarantine has been close to impossible, but even in these times there is always a way. This quarantine has given me the time to experiment and take risks with my work that I’d usually be too afraid to take and it’s been a really rewarding experience for me. To make these images I dug out some of my old film negatives and restored them with acrylic paint. The colours I chose are inspired by the Cuban music I’ve been listening to recently, which I’d like to think gives my lovely memories a fresh lease of life.


Jasmine Dunne is a 22-year-old photographer / writer from London who would describe her work in one word: "community." Her goal is to communicate honesty and vulnerability through her work, and let others feel personally connected to it too.